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Learn at your leisure with self-paced UCT short courses

rawpixel-593597-unsplash.jpgBy Anton Kelly

Among the very many benefits of the internet, one of the greatest must surely be the easy and immediate access to information and the ability to learn at your leisure. At Paddocks, we have incorporated this new way of learning into the experience we offer to our students by introducing a new self-paced format to 4 of our specialist short courses.

What are self-paced courses?

The Paddocks self-paced courses on community scheme matters allow busy trustees, managing agents, estate agents and owners to learn at their own pace. Self-paced courses provide varying levels of discretion regarding how much time to spend on each component of the course and when to complete and submit assessment tasks. Self-paced courses progress according to the time students have available, with succeeding modules being released as soon as the previous one has been completed.

What are the benefits of self-paced courses?

We all learn differently and at different speeds. Self-paced courses allow individuals who learn quickly, the opportunity to gain competency at a faster rate. Individuals who learn at a slower pace can absorb information without being pushed ahead too quickly.

Everyone leads very busy lives these days, it seems. Self-paced courses allow students to fit their learning periods into their busy schedules and also allow for personal preferences of when to study, accommodating morning people as well as the night owls.

How Paddocks addresses self-paced learning

The Paddocks self-paced courses address one of the most common problems found in studies done on this learning methodology – the sense of isolation some people feel without being part of a group all doing the same thing, and consequent demotivation and dropout. The Paddocks live discussion forums provide quick access to the Course Instructor for answers to content-based questions.

Studies have shown that students on self-paced courses spend longer on elements of the course they perceive as difficult, with consequently less time spent on material they find easier. Since we all have different interests, talents, and abilities, this is one of the greatest benefits of self-paced learning: students are free to allocate their study time as they feel the need.

Read more about this subject on the Paddocks website.

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