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Funny Nosy Neighbour Story

Sectional titleby Jennifer Paddock

According to an online survey of 1100 people, 64% said they had a neighbour who watched them a little too closely and that same percentage said they had caught the sneaky neighbour in the snooping act! Only 9% actually admitted to doing any snooping themselves…

Do you have a neighbour, peeking out from behind her curtain? Watching, waiting…

Some neighbours love to get involved in everyone else’s business and they frustrate the living daylights out of you!!

But sometimes a nosy neighbour can be a good thing. The neighbour that tells you there were suspicious people scoping out your property or the one who tells you that your teenage son walked across your roof with his friends when you weren’t home.

I used the internet to try and find some of the best nosy neighbour stories and do you know what I came across??

Stories from fencing companies!! After all, Robert Frost did say “good fences make good neighbours!”.

But why fencing companies?

“People don’t like the old guy next door watching them”, read a quote from a fence company owner, “and sometimes the guy isn’t that old.”

The fence company owner tells the story of an attractive women who sunbathed in her back garden. “As soon as she unfolded the lawnchair the neighbourhood husbands suddenly found outside chores to do!”… “They were the nosy neighbours and their wives hated it!”. “One wife ordered a tall privacy fence and the husband told us why…”

Do you have a nosy neighbour? Share by commenting below…

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