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Bedroom Storage Inspiration

Thinking of maximizing your bedroom storage space? Here are some of my favourite options:

1. Maximize Your Cupboard Space

How to maximise cupboard space

How to organise your cupboard

2. Use the Space Under and Over Your Bed

Bedroom storage ideas

3. Use a Headboard Storage Unit

Headboard storage

Sectional title

4. Use a Shelf Screen

Storage for small bedroom

5. Floor to Ceiling Shelving

Bedroom storage ideas

6. Finally, if you’re really short on space… Put your bed in the cupboard!

Small bedroom storage

What are your favourite bedroom storage ideas? Share with us by commenting below.

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One comment on “Bedroom Storage Inspiration

  1. Jonathan the wendy house fan
    November 7, 2013

    I’m normally biased towards storing things outdoors due to my shameless obsession with wendy houses but I must say that I absolutely love the storage ideas you’ve mentioned. For me the image with the space over and above the bed being used as storage is not only practical but looks great. The headboard storage unit is also something that I’m sure is a really practical way to go.

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