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The Gorgeous Combined Bathroom Laundry

If you’re short on space in your sectional title property you might consider combining two rooms in one.

Introducing… the gorgeous bathroom laundry combo!

Combined Bathroom and Laundry

  • The recess in the bathroom above makes for the perfect spot to do a spot of laundry.
  • When not in use the contents are hidden by a beautiful curtain which adds a decorative feature to the bathroom.
  • Simple shelving and wicker baskets have been used to pre-sort whites, darks and colours.
  • Washing powders have been decanted into clear tubs which look much more appealing (and are more child-safe!) than the cardboard boxes they come in.
  • A hanging rail above the sink provides a convenient drying area for delicates.

Bathroom laundry design

 The laundry area can also be concealed in a cupboard, as seen above.

Laundry bathroom

Or you may decide to expose the washing machine and laundry sink, but hide the pull-out ironing board and washing basket in a cupboard as has been done above.

Do you have a laundry in your bathroom or any bathroom laundry tips for the readers? We’d love to read your comment below.

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