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3 DIY Kitchen Pot Racks

We know that kitchen storage space can be tight in a sectional title apartment. A trendy and decorative solution?

A pot rack!

It’ll open up your cupboard space, give you easy access to kitchen utensils you use often and turn your kitchen equipment into a decorative item. Here are three great pot rack options with clickable links to show you ‘how to’:

1) Peg Board Pot Rack

Peg board pot rack

Who said peg boards should be limited to the garage? This easy to make peg board pot rack looks awesome and industrial and would suit a modern, warehouse or retro styled apartment perfectly. Learn how to make it here.

2) Vintage Burglar Bar Pot Rack

Vintage burglar bar pot rack

Create an usual pot rack out of a vintage burglar bar with the help of this clever tutorial.

3) Recycled Ladder Pot Rack

Recycled Ladder Pot Rack

I love the rustic look of this recycled wooden ladder pot rack and the way it contrasts with the silver chains that suspend it from the ceiling and the metal pots and utensils. For the ‘how to’ click here.

Do you have other pot rack ideas? Share them with us below.

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