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5 Benefits of Owning and Living in Sectional Title

Benefits of Owning and Living in Sectional Title

At times I feel that there is a lot of negativity surrounding sectional title. People complaining about their neighbours, frustrated by scheme rules, unhappy with the chairman or board of trustees…

But there is so much good in sectional title that I’d like to remind you of.

Here are 5 reasons to celebrate owning and living in sectional title:

Let’s celebrate it!

1)   Location

Many amazing sea front locations along the coastlines of South Africa are dominated by sectional title schemes. It’s incredibly difficult to find, and prohibitively expensive to buy, a freestanding house in these areas. Sectional title apartments abound and are far more affordable. They also provide some of the best views imaginable. Watching the sunset from a 13th floor apartment’s balcony is not something that can be emulated from a house on the ground floor in the same area. Period.

2)   Amenities

Swimming pools, fitness centres, saunas, tennis courts and manicured gardens are amenities that many people living in sectional title schemes would not be able to afford if they were in a freestanding home. The shared cost of these common amenities makes them affordable in sectional title. Score!

3)   Security

Many sectional title schemes have multiple layers of security. Besides electric fencing around the perimeter, you often need a tag to open the front gate, a tag to open the front doors of the building, a tag to give you access to the lift and once you reach your floor, you still need a key to get in your security gate and another for your front door. Many schemes also hire a security guard to control the entrance and exit of persons into the complex, be this a guard posted at the entrance gates or a guard signing people in and out in the entrance foyer.

Staying home alone is also not as intimidating for people in an apartment as it is in a freestanding house as they know that besides the increased security, there are plenty of people around in case something were to happen. Peace of mind!

4)   No repairs or maintenance outside your section

The only area you have to worry about arranging the repairs and maintenance for is your section. When the driveway needs repaving or the gate is not working, it’s the body corporate’s responsibility to arrange the repairs. Winner!

5)   Quality time abounds

Because of the fact that you don’t have to arrange maintenance and repairs outside your section as you would do in a freestanding house, you have more time to spend with your family, friends and yourself. What a bonus!

I personally own and live in a sectional title unit and I LOVE IT 🙂

Can you think of other great benefits of living in sectional title? Comment below and share them with us.


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