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7 Top Tips for Successful Sectional Title Living

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  1. Be aware – know the laws and rules so you know your rights and responsibilities
  2. Be involved – if you’re not a trustee you can attend their meetings so you know what’s going on and appoint a proxy if you can’t attend owner meetings – make your opinion and vote count
  3. Budget for levies – you have to pay your levies (generally every month) so make sure you put money aside for this. If you don’t you compromise the scheme’s cash flow which is not fair on other owners
  4. Protect your investment – make sure the body corporate is maintaining the common property. If it’s run down your investment is worth less
  5. Be respectful – seek approval before altering any part of the common property, even if it is ‘your’ garden, if it’s not part of your section on the sectional plan, it is still owned by everyone
  6. Be empathetic – know that your neighbours are close by and that your music, voice and actions may disturb them
  7. Speak up – if someone is breaching the rules make sure you politely inform them of this. If talking hasn’t helped contact the trustees or managing agent for assistance

Happy sectional title living!

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2 comments on “7 Top Tips for Successful Sectional Title Living

  1. Natasha
    May 23, 2013

    I am having the same problem, I am a resident in a community in my dad’s section title. I have studied the rules and have done my best to adhere. But simply cannot please my neighbour. who uses the rules like a shotgun at any given opportunity. I have even given away my beloved poodle who apparently howls when I leave home (other neighbour says this is an exaggeration). She will use un-applicable rules to suit her preference and the chairman tags along….

  2. Exley
    April 24, 2013

    What do you do if your trustees AND manager do not understand or know the Act, managing and conduct rules, no matter how soft/reasonable or hard/harsh you try and explain it to them??????

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