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Friends and Sectional Title

Series are such a phenomenon these days. They are our guilty pleasure aren’t they? We get hooked and find ourselves in our PJs watching ‘just one more!’.

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Friends is a series loved by so many and starting in the 1990s this is the series by which all others are judged. But why am I going on about Friends on a sectional title blog? Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey spent most of their time in their apartments (or condos as the Americans call them)!

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Here’s some interesting and useless trivia relating to the Friends’ apartments. The show was shot in LA and the apartments were sets, but the footage used in every episode showing the outside of their apartment block was a real apartment block in New York, situated on the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village. In the series the characters were always seen drinking coffee and kicking back at Central Perk, a coffee shop presumably on the ground floor of their apartment building. In reality there really was a coffee shop called the Little Owl on the ground floor of the Grove and Bedford apartment building. Surprisingly, no one ever turned the Little Owl into a replica of Central Perk… Imagine the tourist attraction it would have been!

Central perk, friends apartment, sectional title

For other apartments featured in series and a comical look at how many of the characters living in them couldn’t actually afford them have a look NYC Apartments That TV Characters Could Never Afford.

sectional title property, friends apartment

Happy catching up on your favourite series!

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