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5 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Living in a sectional title property generally means living in an apartment or a townhouse. Which means you could probably use a bit more space. Here we share 5 clever tips to help you maximize and love the sectional title space you’ve already got:

1. Let there be light


Lighting can really open a room up and make it appear bigger. If it has access to natural light, make sure the windows are visible. Get rid of thick curtains and heavy blinds and let the light and view in.

For artificial light, consider more than just overhead lighting that tends to concentrate in pools. A few different, well-spaced light sources, such as lamps, help to guide the eye to different areas of the room, creating a sense of spaciousness.

2. Light Colours on the Walls (and Furniture)


Light and cool colours (whites, creams, cool blues) create the illusion of the walls receding – which means the room looks bigger. Dark colours absorb light, whilst light colours reflect it. And as we learnt above, light is our friend in making rooms appear bigger.

This theme extends to your large furniture items as well. Contrasting white walls with a dark brown couch breaks up the space, making it look smaller. Colour matching your wall and furniture colours (within a shade or two) creates a continuous space and visually opens up the area.

3. Mirror mirror


A well placed, oversized mirror can literally double the perceived size of a room. Just make sure the placement is well thought and the reflection is pleasing.

4. Cut the clutter


Nothing closes a room in more than clutter. De-cluttering is the cheapest and simplest way to open up a room. Make sure counter and tabletop surfaces are clear. Get organized, be ruthless and give everything a ‘home’.

Removing unnecessary inter-leading doors is also a great de-cluttering strategy. Another good trick is to leave visible shelves half empty to create the illusion of space.

5. Smart furniture


Dual-purpose furniture allows you to have one piece of furniture instead of two, thereby freeing up your space. An ottoman can be used for seating as well as a coffee table, by simply placing a tray on top. You can buy clever couches with storage space inside or shelving underneath.

Folding and stacking furniture, as well as furniture on wheels can be out of sight when not needed and brought in when necessary (six chairs instead of 4 when you have guests around).

Couches and armchairs raised on legs create a sense of light and space. While ghost chairs and tables, made of glass or acrylic, are barely there allowing space to shine through.

Happy space creating!

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